Going with the flow, and redirect.

These are crazy times we are in. A once in a lifetime global crisis.

There is still so much we don’t know about the virus, and the proper way to handle it. When I first started Austin Healing Conduit, it was about the Massage and Reiki. Then I added a life coach certification to help expand my depth in being able to help people, but massage was my main source of extra income and the gateway to clients because it is the most socially understood and accepted healing modality in my stable.

Then the pandemic started to hit. Understandably my regular clients did not feel comfortable (and neither did I) about working in close proximity to each other, especially with so much unknown. Then the executive order by the state shut down massage practices, which I agreed with. A month or so ago, they lifted the mandate, with restrictions and safety protocols. A couple regular clients reached out and I did a couple massages, but after that, when things spiked, no one (of my regular clients) felt comfortable even with the precautions in place.

That left me to figure out what to do for my extra income that I had budgeted for. (I feel for those in the field that this was their only source of income)

After some soul searching and taking some time to see where this all is going, it is still a lot of unknown, and I don’t feel right marketing massage to people I don’t really know, and that don’t know me. (I am an essential worker in my other line of work, so I deal with the public and, though I take all the safety precautions recommended, I could possibly pit someone at risk)

So where do I go, and how do I continue to help people without direct contact?

To start, I still am offering pet massage and energy work. It still requires me to be in the vicinity of the owners, but is not direct hands on or breathing right over them. They can be in another room while I work with their companion animals.

Next is Reiki. I can, and have done distance healing and energy work, and will continue to do so. (I get better feedback as to what the persons body is telling me with direct touch, but distance work has great results also. Contact me for a consultation or to set up a session.

Another way to help without being in the same place is through life coaching. I got my professional life coaching certification right a while back, and was starting to market it as this whole thing hit. A lot of people, especially those in the service industry, are looking for things to subsidize the loss of their main gigs. I can help you figure that out.

Lastly, something that has helped me with my health and wellness is the use of essential oils in different ways. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all super oily and am not going to tell you it’s a miracle cure for everything, but used in the right ways, I have seen results, mentally, physically, and emotionally by adding them into my daily routine through aromatherapy, topical applications , and dietary uses. If you are curious about how it works, send me a message, and keep your eye on this blog and Instagram (@austinhealingconduit) for some tips, recipes, etc…

So, that’s the ya I’m heading now, I hope to see y’all on this journey and we can help each other get through these uncertain times.

Slow Down

Do you always feel like you have to be doing 5 things at once?

Does it feel like you are being swamped?

Not able to collect your thoughts?

Feeling anxious? depressed? obsessed? All three?

I know the feeling. I was there, and sometimes still get those feelings, but hardly as often, and I know how to handle it now.

Meditation, Massage, Energy work, and coaching helped me to slow down.

I can help you with these tools to slow down also (I am not a therapist, and if we determine that is what you need, we can refer you to one)

Contact me or book a session to learn to slow down and take control.


We all have potential, but if you are just sitting around taking about, it really doesn’t do you any good, does it?

If you recognize your potential, then you recognize what you can do and where you can go.

Do you want to go there?

Why not start now.

Contact me for a free 10 minute consultation.

You can’t smell your own shit on your knees.

You can’t see the forest for the trees,

And you can’t smell your own shit on your knees.

-Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People”

Sounds kind of brutal, but it’s true.

Sometimes we get so stuck on what we are doing, yet we have drifted away from the destiny we want to manifest. We justify and rationalize why we can’t do what we want.

Guess what, you can change that!

Contact me for a free 10 minute consultation, or book via link in bio!

Cheat Days/Meals and Spiritual Health

Know yourself.

I for one, cannot bring more than one serving of Ice Cream or cookies home, otherwise I will eat them all. There is something about the way my body reacts when I get the sugars into my body it makes me want to binge, then comes the guilt and heartburn.

When I do regress and get to much, guess who pays the price? Me. Owning that helps from beating myself up too much and deters me from overdoing it next time.

Recognizing patterns in one self and taking those moments to listen to what is going on internally is part of the path to healing. One must get themselves into a state where they are able and willing to listen to themselves.

I searched and had help over the years learning techniques and recognizing patterns in myself. Let me help you do the same.

Message me or book a massage or energy work session now.

What is Healing?

Did you know your body, mind, and spirit is in a constant state of renewal?

Humans are amazing, and if we give ourselves the chance, we can heal and grow in all areas.

Message @austinhealingconduit for a free consult, or book now to start building your destiny from within.

Building Destiny from Within

It’s an inside job, no one said it would be easy. In order to build that destiny, one needs to clear the clutter and connect with their higher self.

What really matters, what give one true joy?

I can’t answer that for you, but I may be able to help get you in a state where you can figure that out.

Ways to relaxation, energy focus, listening, and coaching are all services I provide.

I have found that helping others find their path is part of my destiny.

Let me help you with yours… book now.

Welcome to my updated site

I am in the process of migrating the Austin Healing Conduit Site to wordpress, but it is going to take a little bit to get everything populated right.
I have some big plans for this site including a blog, events, and tips for your wellness and mine.
Until then, email me atjeff@austinhealingconduit.com or call/text me at (512) 524-3675.