Austin Healing Conduit is a healing and wellness service designed “Build Destiny from Within” and to provide guidance, healing, relaxation and stress relief to human and canine clients. This is achieved through Life Coaching, therapeutic body work, Reiki, and other alternative medicine modalities.

Austin Healing conduit is owned and founded by Jeff Donaldson and based in Austin Texas. Jeff is a Certified Life Coach, Canine Massage Practitioner (CMP), Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and an advocate for rescue animals. He continues to expand his practice through continuing education of advanced techniques.

Jeff got into the healing arts as a way to give back and provide a connection to healing the same way it was shown to him.

Through many life experiences which resulted in seeking life, career, and relationship coaching and guidance himself, Jeff has learned that helping people is a passion of his. He is continually educating himself on how to help others, and provide guidance to build their own destiny.

Jeff’s massage specialties area mixed modality of deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation techniques complimented by energy work for humans and their companion animals, allowing his clients to connect to their higher selves and each other through therapeutic touch.

In addition to coaching, healing and massage, Jeff works full time at Tomlinson’s, a locally owned pet store, and works with local animal rescues to provide a safe and secure environment until they can find their forever homes